Thursday, April 30, 2009

Festa di Pio Quinto!

Here's a link to the blog entry I did for Pope St. Pius V from last year. Nothing has changed; he still did all the things I wrote last year. Click here for a photo taken of a close-up of San' Pio's remains.


Mama Jax said...

Fr. Jay,
I recently stumbled onto your blog and I really enjoy it (with the exception of the Devils paraphernalia--sorry I'm a huge Penguins fan). I find your writing to be very down to earth and easy to relate to. I particularly enjoy your posts like this one—the historical background of the popes. To me, remembering the history of our church is an important part of our Catholic identity. Thank you for keeping the history alive.

Father Jay Toborowsky said...

Hey, Sidney Crosby? Marc-Andre Fleury? I respect the Pens.

Fr. Selvester said...

Actually, Father, Pius V is NOT the pope responsible for the custom of the popes wearing white. Rather, it was Pope Innocent V who was pope from January-June of 1276 who started that. He was the first Dominican Friar elected to the papacy and he remained in his white Dominican habit. perhaps because he is also "Pope Something THE FIFTH" that he has been confused with Pius V but the popes were wearing white a few hundred years before Pius V was elected.