Friday, May 01, 2009

Brendan the Worker

This morning I got up with the alarm (which is odd, since me and the snooze button have this ongoing relationship).  So after my Office and coffee and before I headed over for Mass, I was reading an article from Canadian Press Service on the Devils, and at the end was this quote from NHL workhorse Brendan Shanahan:
Shanahan, the 40-year-old who joined the team in midseason, said he would wait before deciding to play another season. "In the last couple of weeks I had my lip split open, my chin split open, I got stitches in my eyelid and I got hit so hard in Game 6 it actually knocked one of my false teeth out, and I loved every minute of it," he said.
On this feast of St. Joseph the Worker, what a great quote from one of the great workers in the NHL.


paramedicgirl said...

That being said, may the Canucks win the cup this year!!!

Unknown said...

Being a fan favorite when he was with "This years" Stanley Cup winners - the Red Wings - this quote comes as no surprise. Brendan is quite the inspiration!