Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gotta love the Jersey Shore

I used my day off for a trip to Long Beach Island.  While the day started off as drizzly in central Jersey, by the time I made it across the Rt 72 bridge, the sun was breaking through.

If you're ever on LBI and looking for a great breakfast, check out The Chicken Or The Egg in Beach Haven.  It's a local place (not a cookie-cutter franchise) worth a visit.  Reasonably priced, too (C'mon, a $1.99 breakfast?  How can you beat that?).

I'm certainly not the kind to lay out on the beach or soak in the sun (I've got the kind of skin that's called "The Irish Curse"), I did snap the above picture of the beach.

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Ellen said...

My son loves "ChEg" - of course, it's usually two in the morning when he goes for breakfast.