Monday, April 28, 2008

B16 ordination homily

Yesterday's homily by Pope Benedict at the Mass at St. Peter's, during which he ordained 29 men to the Priesthood, can be found here (thanks to Vatican Radio).

Lots of great lines in the homily.  Among them...

"My dear Ordinants, in the future, you must frequently return to this moment, to this gesture which while not magic is rich in mystery, because this is the origin of your new mission. In that silent prayer two freedoms meet: the freedom of God, through the Holy Spirit and the freedom of man. The imposition of the hands expresses the specific nature of this meeting: the Church, represented by the Bishop who stands tall with his hands outstretched, who prays that the Holy Spirit consecrate the candidate; the deacon, who kneels, receiving the imposition of the hands and who entrusts himself to the mediation. The union of these gestures is important, but the invisible movement of the Spirit which it expresses is infinitely more important; a movement that is perfectly evoked by sacred silence, which embraces all, internally and externally."

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Aaron Traas said...

My wife and I were at this mass (while in Rome on our honeymoon) -- and it was incredible. It's good to finally read the homily. Thanks!