Friday, September 28, 2007

Fessio Interview Posted

Yes, another radio show posting. What can I say? I've found my groove, the "sweet spot" of the bat, I'm swinging for the bleachers. Enough baseball metaphors? o.k.

As I wrote about in a previous blog entry, I interviewed Fr. Joe Fessio back at the beginning of this month for the radio show that has made me more popular in Germany than David Hasselhoff: Proclaim the Good News. Fr. Fessio has been on the show before, and his insight into the mind of Pope Benedict come from years of friendship as well as discipleship (Papa Ratzinger was Fessio's mentor for his doctoral degree back in the 1970s).

This episode will air on radio stations this weekend, but it is posted now on the Proclaim the Good News Archive page. Click the link on the right.

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