Monday, April 30, 2007

Oy, Mari, Oy, Mari...

True Vatican junkies will recognize the gentleman on the right (standing with Cardinal Glemp of Poland) as Arturo Mari, a photographer for L'Osservatore Romano. Almost as present in the Pope's life as his personal staff, Signor Mari has the official task of recording the day to day events of the pontiff's life for the Vatican archives, something he has done (and his father did before him) for every pope since Paul VI. Of course, one of the pleasant side effects of this is that not only do we get great, up-close photographs of the Pope, but if you should ever get within camera shot of the Pope there is someone always there to take a photograph of the moment!

Yesterday the photographer became the photographed as Arturo Mari's son, Juan-Carlos Mari, a member of the Legionaries of Christ, was one of the 22 men ordained to the Priesthood by Pope Benedict.

This past weekend being "Good Shepherd Sunday", ordinations to the Priesthood were a natural thing to occur. "Each one of you," The Pope said to the ordinands, "will become a good shepherd with Jesus' help, ready even to give your life for him if it is necessary."

He told the men, "Draw near to the altar, your daily school of sanctity, of communion with Jesus, the way of entering into his sentiments; draw near to the altar to renew the sacrifice of the cross, you will discover the richness and tenderness of the divine master's love more and more."

Pope Benedict continued: "May the certainty that Christ will not abandon you and that no obstacle can stand in the way of his universal design of salvation be for you a reason for constant consolation -- even on the difficult days -- and indestructible hope." "Despite misunderstandings and problems," he continued, "the apostle of Christ does not lose his joy, indeed he is the witness of that joy that flows from being with the Lord, from love for him and one's brothers."

Congratulations to Fr. Mari and his family, as well as the families of all the new brethren in the Priesthood.

Thanks to L'Osservatore Romano/Reuters for the photo and for the homily translation.

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