Sunday, April 08, 2007

Me in the M-C

A week ago a reporter from the Lehigh Valley's "The Morning Call" contacted me. He had been reading my blog and wanted to ask my opinion about a premise made by an author about the religious literacy of average people. The article appeared in the newspaper today and a smaller version of it can be read by clicking here.

While I really don't remember making the first quote about the religiously illiterate generation, I understand the reporter was writing the article to explain the premise of an author who does think we have a religiously illiterate generation. The other quote, though, about the Church seeing parents as the primary teachers of faith to their children, as well as the cracks about piano lessons and a Buick, I vividly remember saying.

I did give a little bit more about how I see many good signs of hope in the people who are making genuine eforts to learn more about their Catholic faith (including our own Monday night adult education classes here at my parish). But I understand there's only so much column space and other people to quote.

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