Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Check This Out

Fr. Guy Selvester is a friend of mine and a fellow Priest of the Metuchen Diocese. He's been at this blogging thing longer than I, and his website is always an entertaining mix of Church history, news, and laughs. Check out his site at Shouts in the Piazza.


Jeff Miller said...

Found your blog through his. I love the blog title. I remember when that column by Fr. Greeley and how people mostly responded favorably to young fogeys. When Fr. Greeley is unhappy about something I am generally happier.


Maria Neva said...

"How do you keep a Catholic blog watcher busy? Click here."


"How do you keep a Catholic blog watcher busy? Click here."


*ad infinitum*

At least that's the game I thought you guys were playing at first, as I was at Fr. Sylvester's and his top post linked here, and when I got here, your top post linked back there!

Welcome to St. Blog's, by the way. :)

~The formerly Roamin' Roman and currently the Sittin' St. Paul-ite.

SomeGuyMouthingOff said...

Don't forget everyone's favorite parody site:


DimBulb said...

Came upon your site thru The Curt Jester. As a very young fogey myself (Not yet confirmed) I find it kind of funny that an old liberal like Greeley would show us by his whining what he really is; an arrested adolescent.