Monday, January 16, 2012

Random thoughts

Thank you, Tim Tebow.  If you used to drop on one knee and pray to Jesus Christ, you were some sort of freak.  Tim, you "mainstreamed it".  Thanks.

Thank you, Eli Manning, for reminding us that a "Hail Mary" every now and then won't kill us.  It might even change the course of the game.


acw said...

how appropriate!

ProudCatholic said...

It's amazing how many sports celebrities and announcers complained about the attention Tebow got for his praise of God. Seems the same don't complain as much with the display of unsportsmanlike conduct or arrogant "rubbing it in the face" not to mention just plain stupid displays of individual celebration when their whole team is woefully behind in the score. In fact, it is often praised and replayed. Where is the complaints then? It was refreshing to hear a Christian stand up for himself and say I'm not just a Christian at church; it is who I am everywhere at every time! He's a winner and a hero in my eyes no matter what the scoreboard says!

Ellen said...

Tim Tebow's kneeling is so much less offensive that the language on many pro athletes.