Friday, October 05, 2007

New PGN Episode Posted

I've just posted another episode of the radio show that Derek Jeter listens to while he shaves in the morning: Proclaim The Good News. (Well, he might. Are you there when he shaves?)

This episode deals with the "Stem Cell Research Bond Act" being proposed as a public question on the November ballot in the State of New Jersey. If approved, the State would float a $450,000,000 bond (and N.J. taxpayers will repay for years) to fund experimentation with stem cells, including those obtained from the destruction of human beings in their most vulnerable state. I also spoke with a man who was cured of a form of Leukemia, thanks to the use of adult stem cells.

Click on the "PGN Archives" link on the right to listen to the show, or save it to an mp3 player.

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Ernie said...

What an awesome story. I to am only 22 years old (and in the archdiocese of Atlanta) and find the traditional Latin mass more appealing. It is a shame that people lump all young people together.