Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Arrivederci, Roma

Tonight is my last night in Rome, and I'm about to head to dinner with a friend. As always, I've been truly blessed by God to have the opportunity to come here so many times. My faith grows a little deeper each time I walk through St. Peter's Basilica or visit the tomb of a Saint (by the way, the Jesuit church, the Gesu, has the head of St. Ignatius of Antioch, today's Saint).

So tomorrow I make my mad dash to the airport, starting at 7am Rome time (1am on the east coast of the U.S.). Please pray for smooth flying, as I become a nervous wreck on airplanes that bump.

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skeeton said...

Fr. Jay,
I was in Rome almost exactly 12 months ago. Aside from St. Peter's, the other church that absolutely HAD to see was the Gesu. I would have trampled miles over Roman cobblestone barefooted...oh wait, I did that...well, not see it. It is one of those unique places in which your heart is lifted up to the point where you think at that precise moment and in that precise place Heaven and Earth are stretching out to touch each other. I'm so glad to see you give the place some pub!