Sunday, August 05, 2007

"Our life, our sweetness, and our hope"

This morning between Masses I passed a statue of Our Lady, and found that someone has placed a packet of Splenda "at her feet" where the statue rests on a base.

C'mon, there's nothing artificial about Mary!


DominiSumus said...

Well the Blessed Virgin does have a certain "splenda" about her. Hey, I'm from Massachusetts. I can't help it.

Unknown said...

Veritatis Splenda?


Mr. Basso said...

I have found a number of things at the feet of statues, and particularly on a shelf beneath an image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help: packages of cigarettes, chocolate, and other miscellany. It seems that some pious souls would pray for resolve to give up some bad habit or to have some other grace granted, and leave a token or symbol of their intercession. Perhaps someone asked the Blessed Mother's intercession to help them give up sugar?

Athanasis Contra Mundum said...

Maybe someone set it down and forgot about it, or worse just blatantly littered. I would like to believe that is not the case, but I have seen too many people carelessly leave miscellaneous things in churches.