Saturday, August 11, 2007

"I was perfectly fine in my adulterous infidelity, and now I want compensation!"

Check out these two articles:

  1. This article says that divorce lawyers are using EZ-Pass (the automated toll-paying gizmo most people now have attached to their car's windshield) records as evidence to expose adulterous affairs.
  2. This article tells the story of a man suing 1-800 FLOWERS because the wife of a man who sent flowers to his chickeepie discovered his affair thanks to the company's receipt for the flower order. Now the wife wants more money in the divorce settlement, so the husband wants damages from the florist.

What can I say? Let's use the "condom use" argument: People are going to have affairs anyway, so, adulterous shkeeves out there: We all know that married persons should not have affairs! but if you choose to do so, be safe and pay for tolls and flowers in cash!


Anonymous said...

Heh; good point, Father.

deb said...

I don't know -- giving advice about paying in cash and thus leaving no paper trail to adulterers?!? Maybe you should have reminded those folks that God doesn't need a "paper trail" to make entries in the Book of Life....