Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life (in a parish)

I had some matches I wanted to bring over to the sacristy (last Sunday our lighter/clicker thingee [yes, that is the technical term] ran out of fluid).

Since I was going over anyway, I thought I'd replenish the pamphlet rack.

That got me to wonder where I can put the box with the extra pamphlets. I looked in a closet in the sacristy.

That got me to reshuffle some boxes with sanctuary lamp candles on the floor of the closet, which got me to move some other stuff, which got me to look at the stuff on the cabinet I haven't put away since Holy Week.

That got me to look at last year's paschal candle laying there. My friend found a company that will recycle beeswax candles and give store credit for buying new candles. That got me opening up a closet where I had seen an old paschal candle, to see if there were any more.

To make room for the paschal candles I found (5 in all), I needed to move some things off of the counter top, among them some purple cloth we used to cover the processional cross' corpus and some statues.

That got me opening up other closets to put away the purple cloths into storage bins.

That got me to put away 2 candelabra, which have been hanging out there since Holy Thursday, but they won't fit on the shelf with the candles still in them.

That got me to take the candles out and put them neatly in a box so they can be used again. But then the candle followers were making the box too heavy.

That got me to open a cupboard where we keep plastic storage bins with candle followers, so I could store them there.

That got me to start digging out that cupboard, throwing away junk, and discovering 2 unused cans of incense from Holy Rood Guild (currently retailing for $39. a can).

That got me to open a can of the incense to see if it was still usable. So I decided to light a piece of charcoal and light some of the incense.

That got me to try out some other incense I recently bought (not knowing there were 2 perfectly good cans of incense buried deep inside the cupboard).

That got me to bring a can of the Holy Rood incense back to the rectory to see if I could split it up a bit. The moisture has evaporated, leaving only the balm. Right now it's like a sticky clump.

When I got back to the rectory, over an hour later, I still had the matches in my pocket, which is why I went over to the church in the first place.

Welcome to my life.


Kathy said...


Your post reminds me of the popular children's books like, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. You give the mouse a cookie so of course he needs a glass of milk and then a napkin or something else. The story ends with the mouse needing another cookie.

You could write, If You Give a Priest Some Matches :)

Ellen said...

Sounds a lot like a day in the life of a homemaker. That's usually how my day goes - on small task becomes 10 by the time I'm done, except for the original. I hate when that happens.

NCSue said...

It sounds like you've managed to exteriorize my thought processes... running from one to another without a discernible pattern.

Malinda Frybarger said...

The old paschal candles are blessed and must not be sold! Suggest finding a parisioner who makes candles and would see that the wax is used in a home or other church setting.

Fr. James Weldon said...

That is my life. no thinking or rational thought, which is why a good sacristan is indespinsable. a good sacristan relieves all those worries and allows you to think deep thoughts

chloesmom said...

Sounds like my life too, Father! Enjoyed reading this post.