Thursday, April 01, 2010

Actor's faith and family come first

Click here for a story about Neal McDonough, who was recently fired by ABC because of his refusal to film sex scenes. His reason?
He's a family man and a Catholic, and he's always made it clear that he won't do sex scenes.

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ProudCatholic said...

Thanks, Father. Did not hear this before. Hollywood being what it is, and the people in it being what they are, it is absolutely uplifting to see an actor not only stand up for a principle but explain it is because of his faith, and at the risk of losing lots of money and gaining a lot of criticism. That makes him a Catholic hero in my book. He could have easily said he did it for his wife and kids, not to embarass them, and probably would have been hailed much more for it, but he willingly added the statement that he is a Catholic and it is not right. Wow! Thankfully, there is a trend of some very famous people starting to witness on their Catholic and Christian faith. This is a calling for them as well and it is a powerful witness to have people like them stand in the midst of an industry that is one of the most secular, sinful industries in the world and say I am Catholic and I will stand by my beliefs even if it means people won't hire me or I will be laughed at and criticized. What he lost here is nothing. He will gain much more valuable treasures no doubt from the Lord.