Tuesday, May 27, 2008

B16 and ACD

Much is afloat around the blogosphere about the "private" meeting (about as private as a Pontiff can get when it comes to entourage and the U.S. Secret Service) between Pope Benedict and Avery Cardinal Dulles.  The meeting took place on the grounds of St. Joseph's Seminary in Yonkers during the pontiff's visit for the meeting with disabled persons and the youth rally.

I had the privilege of meeting Cardinal Dulles years ago, when he visited my seminary and to deliver a lecture at a symposium.  In fact, my classmates and I owe him a bit of thanks: The morning after the lecture, he celebrated the daily 7am Mass for the seminary, and then went with the other Priests to the Priests' Refectory for breakfast.

Our first class of the day began at 8:25, so our class gathered in the classroom at our normal time --- but no teacher.  At 8:30, no teacher.  8:40, still no teacher.  Finally, at 8:50, Father X showed up all giddy.  It seems that Cardinal Dulles (or "Father Dulles", as he was at the time) started "holding court" in the refectory, and our professor decided that was time better spent than teaching us Ecclesiology.  I'm not upset; I just wish he invited all of us over to hear the conversation.  Plus, our teacher was determined to have Fr. Dulles personally autograph every book from his library that Dulles had written (which meant, of course, that he had to wait until everyone was finished with breakfast and out of the room, lest he be accused of being a brown-noser).  In the end that day, we only had a "half class", thanks to His Eminence, and the fact that our professor showed us a new "Model of the Church" called the "Shameless Suckup", LOL.

Then, in September of 2005, our paths crossed again.  This time when I was host of my diocese's radio show (a show still technically "on hiatus"), and the Cardinal had just authored a book on the history of Apologetics in the Church.  In fact, you can listen to the interview yourself:

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