Thursday, November 15, 2012

Luke 17:20-25

Today's Gospel has the Pharisees asking Jesus when the Kingdom of God is going to happen.  "The coming of the Kingdom of God", said Jesus, "cannot be observed."

One of the things we overlook is the technological marvel (appropriate on this feast of the Patron Saint of Scientists, St. Albert the Great) that allows us to see weather maps.  Satellites in the sky take photos of cloud patterns, send the information to computers, and we can know whether we should have our picnic indoors or outdoors.  We've made some impressive things that enable us to see some some of God's creations that are even more impressive.

Imagine how many lives would have been lost if we had no idea the recent storm was coming?  What if people didn't know to get away from the coastline or stock up on candles, batteries, and canned soup?  What if we couldn't say "Look, here it is", or, "There it is"?  What if it was suddenly among us?

Worse, what if, like the Pharisees, God is right in front of us, and we don't recognize Him?

Hopefully we've all learned how to handle storms a little better, and will make sure we have batteries in our flashlights and radios, a propane camping stove, etc.  One of the nights we were without power, I poured over a catalog that I've been receiving for years, but from which I never really bought much.  If you're looking for some great things for electricity-free living, check out Lehman's.  You can bet I'll be getting an oil lamp or two for the rectory, along with a percolator coffee pot for the stove top.

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