Monday, April 18, 2011

Cantores Pueris

The London Telegraph has a video about the boys' choir that will sing at the upcoming Royal wedding. Click the link and watch a bunch of what must be 5th and 6th graders singing in (brace yourself) Latin. Nowhere in their hands did I see the "Children's Glory & Praise" book (though perhaps they use that for personal devotion).

Could a parish have a boys' choir? Could that pure tone of the pre-Peter Brady voice fill a church with angelic tones? Could a pastor survive the complaints that a choir was excluding girls? Could he endure the inevitable trash talk about "Father has a thing for boys"? One wonders.

Finally, if for no other reason, click on the link to see the boy with what must be the most difficult last name imaginable.


Stella Orientis said...

Come on, how is that harder than Toborowsky? I was surprised to hear them singing Panis Angelicus, given that most Anglicans don't believe in the Real Presence. Also, get that boy a dentist.

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Didn't see any last name--is it more complicated than Szyszkiewicz? (And that didn't sound like Panis Angelicus to me. I wonder if they changed the video at your link.)

teorabelle said...

They must have changed the video... the boys were singing in English!!
No names are given either!

They did sound very good though!

Father Jay Toborowsky said...

Yes, they did change the choral group, the song, the interviewee. Pretty much everything.