Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"What's so wrong with...?"

Here's a LINK to a great article that was passed along to me. Worth a read if you're tired of the Church's liturgy becoming "improv night" at your local church.


marniebcn said...

I'm right there with you Fr. Jay: praying, dieting and exercising. I've done all three today.

teorabelle said...

Thanks for the link and the reminder of the proper phrases to be used during the sacrifice of the Mass. I think it is tempting to personalize when speaking, but this is surely not the time to do so.

It is confusing, at times, when attending mass at different churches and the liturgy is delivered with additions and alterations to the established format.

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Thank you! As a musician, sometimes the "free interpretation" by our priest and deacon leave me wondering when to begin singing the acclamation. I'm hoping that with the new translation coming along, we'll all be following very closely. That will help a LOT.

ProudCatholic said...

I assume it is also not correct to say the person's name as in "Jay, the Body of Christ"--that is the only variation of the norm I've exprienced myself (though it didn't bother me).

Interestingly, the other day I was at a Mass and instead of saying "Let us call to mind our sins" the priest said "Let us call to mind our frailties and weaknesses." Stupidly (on my part) the little voice in my head started to debate whether that was allowed or not and then why not call sin what it is, and then why should we downplay our fault in committing sin by calling it a weakness and frailty..and then the moment to recall my sins was over and I had a bigger sin of not calling to mind my sin but debating the crazy thing instead --HA! Good example of what we're talking about here. I would like to know just for the heck of it, if what the priest did was incorrect.