Sunday, January 02, 2011

Let it snow (just not on a shopping day)

Weather is an amazing thing. One week ago I could look out my window and we were in the midst of an honest to goodness blizzard. One week later, and most of the snow has melted, the streets are clear, and the only people who are still cranky are New Yorkers (No surprise there; They're always angry about something).

Lots of criticism has been thrown at Gov. Christie for not being in the state to personally drive a plow across the thousands of square miles of our state. But who is really to blame, and what are people really mad at?

If you want to be mad at something, be mad at the blizzard. This was a major storm: lots of snow, high winds, temperature below freezing. But, hey, NEWSFLASH: IT'S WINTER! This is what is supposed to happen. Want to get me nervous? Give me a blizzard in August.

Let's go back to the Governor. Does the State regulate snow plowing? Should it? Of course not. You really want the question of whether your street deserves attention being made by someone who doesn't live in your town? You want someone staring at a map down in Trenton who can order your town's snowplows to the other side of the state? GOVERNORS DO NOT CONTROL SNOWPLOWS; MAYORS DO! The one thing State government has right is that it knows that local towns know their streets better than the State does. Here's a question worth asking: Thanks to the press, everyone knows Gov. Christie was on vacation when the storm hit. But do you know whether, between Christmas and New Year's, your town's mayor was around? Heck, we had a major blizzard along the east coast, affecting 4-5 states, our President was in Hawaii, and everyone seems to be fine with that.

So why the anger? Comfort. We don't mind being told we have to stay inside for a snowstorm. But, whether there is three inches or three feet of snow, we want it all cleaned and pretty so we can get back to our usual lives the very next day. C'mon, it's after Christmas! We've got gifts to return, giftcards to cash in, and supermochafrappalattes to suck down at the mall.

Most Priests try to take a little break following Christmas, and the blizzard did squash many a travel plan (clergy included). And, though I have gone away in the past, I had no such plans this year. But I have to say this: from Sunday afternoon until about Tuesday evening, I had a very relaxing post-Christmas rest, right here in my Rectory.

For that, I say, if you really are to blame, then "Thank you, Governor Christie".

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Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

The only thing that got people mad around here was that the snowstorm didn't happen when school was scheduled.
They've got high hopes for tomorrow, though. And we could care less where the governor is.