Monday, September 06, 2010

The muse has hit me - MORE Haiku

Loads of committees.
Four people for Confession.
Successful parish?


ProudCatholic said...

Yep..I sooooooooo agree
And I'm still reeling about an attitude I heard expressed many times and reiterated at a parish I visited last week..When an usher was admonished about talking too loud and close to people praying he replied "Give me a break, this is church, they can pray at home." As the haiku relates..priorities in parishes have gotten wayyyyyyyy messed up

Optimusmastro said...

Yeah, but the Holy Father is fixing all these things. The 'spirit of the council' crap is about to be replaced by Vatican II the real deal!!!

Unknown said...

At least you offer confession ahd have 4 people wishing to partake of the sacrament - we no longer have the option for a pre-Mass confession - As of this July we start communal penance services 2x/yr. Then they wonder.... "where have all the people gone?"

TK said...

Conservative, caring, a spine,
Top priority God
A true Priest.

TK said...

Conservative, caring, a spine,
Top priority God.
A true priest.

C.E.Abbott said...

Wow, here in Phillipsburg, NJ, at SP&J there's always a line for confession. I go each Saturday myself. When I can't make it, I feel awful but make sure I'm there the next Saturday. Confession is such a gift. It's a shame most Catholics don't know (or care to know) the beauty and mysteries of their own faith.