Saturday, January 05, 2008

LifeTeen Lite

My fellow blogger Jeff Miller over at "The Curt Jester" has the story of Msgr. Dale Fushek and his continued desire to leave the band and go solo. Msgr. Fushek was the founder of the LifeTeen program in the Diocese of Phoenix, and for a while believed to be the "great white hope" in possession of the remedy for the mantra we keep hearing that the Church has nothing to offer to teenagers and that they're not attending Mass and that they'll never be back to the Roman Catholic Church (World Youth Day attendance numbers in the hundreds of thousands notwithstanding).

A while back Msgr. Fushek was accused of activity with minors, and was suspended from publicly exercising his Priestly ministry. But he continues to defiantly dwell in disobedience by leading "non-denominational" prayer services in a convention center.

Hey, speaking of priestly narcissism, check out this article on the topic, which appeared in this past December's issue of Homiletic and Pastoral Review.

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