Sunday, April 20, 2008

His Holy-honor-ness

Since journalists can't write the "Pope stories" they had hoped for: that the crowds are pitifully small, or that he wasn't well received, or that his visits with Catholics, Christians, and non-Christians have been mediocre, today's newspaper articles are making sure we know that pro-Abortion John Kerry and multiply-married (and equally pro-abortion) Rudy Giuliani both received Holy Communion at Masses celebrated by Pope Benedict in DC and Manhattan.

Hey, The Church has never held up these two as the poster-boys for what it means to be good Catholics.  Have we ever elected them Pope?  Nope.  We've done our part.

The way things have gone in the Big Apple, Pope Benedict seems like he could run for Rudy's old seat.  But would New Yorkers accept someone just moving in and running for elected office?  Can you say, "Hillary"?

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Celibatarian said...

I am betting he will hang on to his current job. Better retirement package.