Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Kissin' Cozzens?

Some of you who read Catholic World Report magazine know about the back page written by an anonymous writer named Diogenes, whose topics are filled with honesty and style I enjoy reading. He recently posted a blog entry which had me smiling and nodding with every sentence I read. While the main reason for his entry was to talk about a new book by Fr. Donald Cozzens on the question of clerical celibacy in these "modern" times, he tackles the bigger question of which Cozzen's book is only a symptom. Check out his blog entry here.

Here's some highlights....

"Fr. Donald Cozzens puts me in mind of one of those divers who takes higher and higher bounces on the springboard until he has everybody's attention, but then kills his jump, walks back off the board and robes up, still dry."

"We're all familiar with Cozzens's attitude, though perhaps most of us meet it in the celebrant at Mass. It's not as if they're obviously bored or perfunctory, but somehow they communicate the feeling that the real business takes place somewhere else."

"It's a priesthood in which the gift shop and the altar are simply two ways of reaching out to spiritual needs."

Check it out...

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